The Northwest Regional Fire Training Center, established in 1990 through efforts of countless volunteers, provides a needed training facility that meets the requirements of an evolving emergency service.

The NWRTC provides the region with the required classrooms, burn buildings, training tower, and special service areas needed to meet the training and educational requirements of urban and rural emergency responders. The staffing is composed of volunteer and paid certified fire service instructors.

Financial support for the center is provided by tuition and the generous tax-deductible contributions of area businesses and individuals.


The facilities allow fire service instructors to provide effective fire education. The classrooms are designed to mirror those of the National Fire Academy. The outdoor training facilities are state of the art, designed for safety and economical use.

Emergency responders, be they recruit or veteran, can be trained with safety and educated in a comfortable learning facility. A 40-person classroom and a 4-story training tower/burn room provides theoretical and practical education for emergency personnel. Water storage tanks, a hydrant set, and confined space vaults provide realistic training experiences. Future responders can train under controlled conditions, which simulate emergency incidents.

An inspection laboratory provides hands-on training with a variety of functional suppression and alarm systems for both firefighters and inspection personnel.