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New Burn Tower

We are currently looking for donations towards a New Burn Tower

The Importance of a Live Burn Tower

A live burn tower is a specialized training facility that allows firefighters to experience the real-world conditions of a fire under safe and controlled conditions. This type of training is essential for firefighters to develop the skills and confidence they need to effectively fight fires and save lives.

There are many benefits to live burn tower training. First, it allows firefighters to experience the heat, smoke, and chaos of a real fire. This can help them to develop their instincts and learn how to make quick decisions under pressure. Second, live burn tower training allows firefighters to practice different firefighting techniques, such as hose handling, ventilation, and search and rescue. This helps them to become proficient in these skills and to learn how to use them effectively in a fire situation. Third, live burn tower training can help to improve firefighters’ teamwork and communication skills. This is essential for working effectively in a fire environment, where everyone needs to be on the same page and working together.

Specific benefits of live burn tower training:

  • Increased safety: Live burn tower training allows firefighters to learn how to identify and control hazards in a fire environment. This can help to reduce the risk of injury or death on the fireground.
  • Improved efficiency: Live burn tower training can help firefighters to become more efficient in their firefighting operations. This can save time and resources, and it can also help to improve the safety of firefighters and civilians.
  • Increased confidence: Live burn tower training can help firefighters to develop the confidence they need to effectively fight fires. This can be a lifesaver in a real-world fire situation.

If you would like to help donate by material(s), please click the above “Donate Now” button and enter in the description which material(s) you are donating towards!

Permitting Fees$1,500
Engineering Fees$9,000
HC Container x7$6000 Each
Burn Room x4$3,000 Each
Burn Room Concrete x4$575 Each
Burn Room Pavers x4$300 Each
Top Side Railing x4$1,000 Each
Exterior Staircase x4$950 Each
Windows x4$1,000 Each
Doors x4$850 Each
Welding Supplies x3$1,000 Each
Fasteners x2$1,000 Each
Crane Services x4$1,500 Each
Equipment Rental x4$1,000 Each
Exterior Finish x4$450 Each